LAXseries’s mission is to create pieces that withstand passing trends.

LAXseries began in 2003 with one piece, the 3X Wall Mounted Shelf. The piece was designed while delayed in Los Angeles’ International Airport (LAX) by Bernard Brucha, Principal and Founder of the multi-disciplinary design firm, MASHstudios.

Since then, LAXseries has grown into a suite of unique and modern furniture. Each piece is crafted carefully from the highest quality materials, including English walnut, natural oil finishes, powder-coated aluminum, polished copper and cast iron. At LAXseries, we believe furniture should be effortless.

LAXSeries MASH Studios

Brought to you by MASHstudios.

The multi-disciplinary, Los Angeles-based design firm combines award-winning design and engineering experience with local manufacturing capabilities to challenge the status quo of modern design. MASHstudios’ philosophy focuses on client-centered service, acute attention to detail, and consistent use of innovative forms and materials, all with the goal of creating timeless design. Founded in 2002 by principal designer Bernard Brucha, MASH has since proven its capabilities as a full-service design collective. MASHstudios has designed custom furniture, fixtures and environments for Uber, Pinterest, Twitter, GitHub and many others. For more information, please visit

Maximizing durability, minimizing Impact.

The LAXseries was designed to be a modern classic, one that would outlive trendy aesthetics or cheap construction. Where many other comparable products may deteriorate or fall out of style over time, the LAXseries uses superior craftsmanship, the highest of quality materials, and clean simple lines to ensure longevity and sustainability. What started simply as a design initiative and dedication to quality has thus become the LAXseries’ most environmentally friendly feature — its ability to last decades and substantially minimize the resources that would be invested to frequently replace it. The materials that go into every LAXseries piece are meticulously selected for their quality and positive environmental impact. Each piece of furniture is made of solid English Walnut, free of formaldehyde glue and other toxins. By using an engineered wood, the LAXseries is able to maximize the yield from each tree and virtually eliminate waste. All of the pieces are sealed with a natural oil finish, matte clear lacquer, or matte clear polyurethane. LAXseries strives to use finishes that are VOC-free and solvent-free. The aluminum sliding doors, an integral part of the LAXseries design, are all made of 100% recyclable, powdercoated aluminum.